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Katze is a simple Twitter client with the basic functions of Twitter.Basic functions
Multi AccountStreamingRetweet - Official, Quote Tweets, RTDrafts Save TweetThe multiple image display inlineMultiple image post (up to four)Block Corresponding (user)Mute Correspondence (user)Profile change of accountCreating a list, editing
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How to
Basically, I think it is not in doubt how to use.Draft list, and the tweet button long tap will be displayed.Since it becomes a template If you check the draft, please be used as needed.Editing of previously created hash tag, by Long tap the hash tag that is displayed will switch edit mode.Link in the tweet, you can click directly.Image that is displayed in the image preview, you can save it to a file on a menu or image long tap.

Terms of service
Result inconvenience you have use of this application, disadvantage, in regard to damages, etc., us please note any that do not bear responsibility.
Unauthorized duplication of this application, redistribution, reverse engineering, it is prohibited.
There is a possibility that the application can not be used by the stop of Twitters specification change or API. Wherever possible we will correspond, but it may not be able to support.
At the time of our use Katze, it is assumed you had you understand this Agreement. In addition, the present Terms of contents, you might want to change it if necessary.

Modification request such requests and bugs, it has been accepted by the Twitter account @KatzeAppli. It is not possible to accommodate all, but thought that as much as possible you want to support.