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Katze is a simple Twitter client with the basic functions of Twitter.Basic functions・Multi Account・Streaming・Retweet - Official, Quote Tweets, RT・Drafts Save Tweet・The multiple image display inline・Multiple image post (up to four)・Block Corresponding (user)・Mute Correspondence (user)・Profile change of account・Creating a list, editing
Support Thumbnail・Twitter・Instagram・YouTube・Vine・Gyazo・Flickr・Vimeo・Mobypicture・Yfrog・Owly・twipple・Photozou・movapic・nico nico
Support moving image・Twitter Video・Vine・YouTube・GIF Animation・Instagram(β)and more
How to
・When long tap a tweet button, a list of drafts is displayed.Because it becomes a template when I check a draft, please use it as needed.・An editing mode is replaced by the editing of a prepared hashtag by long shot tapping a displayed hashtag.・You can click a link in the tweet directly.・You can save a menu or an image with a long tap with an image displayed by an image preview.

Terms of Use・When you relate to result inconvenience, a disadvantage, the damage using our application, please understand that we can take responsibility to no.
・We prohibit an unauthorized duplication of our application, a redistribution, the reverse-engineering.
・We may not use application by specifications change of Twitter company and a stop of API. We cope as much as possible, but may not cope.
・We consider that We had you approve this agreement when We had you use Katze. In addition, We may change this agreement contents as needed.
We accept the modified requests of a demand and the bug in Twitter account @KatzeAppli. We cannot cope with all, but want to cope if possible.